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Travel Questions

Following are some of the questions and answers you may find useful before and during your holiday.

What is a Gulet?

A gulet is a traditional design of a two-masted or three-masted wooden sailing vessel (the most common design has two masts) from the southwestern coast of Turkey, particularly built in the coastal towns of Bodrum and Marmaris and Fethiye; although similar vessels can be found all around the eastern Mediterranean. Today, this type of vessel, varying in size from 14 to 35 metres, is popular for tourist charters. For considerations of crew economy, diesel power is now almost universally used and many are not properly rigged for sailing.

How is the weather like in Fethiye during summer time?

Summer in Fethiye is hot and very dry. It rains very rarely. There is a rapid jump in temperature in June and this month’s daily temperature never drops below 30 C till end of September.Summer time is quite busy in Fethiye though this resort is like no other retains its identity and originality. The sea water in the summer is very warm.

Will there be any extra payment during or after the cruise?

Mostly the drinks are sold onboard with low prices.You can pay it at the end of your trip.We don’t accept credit card payments.The watersports (wakeborad-waterski-kneeboard) are also with extra charge.You have the chance to make an all inclusive agreement with the drinks where there will be no extra charges except for the crew tips.Crew tip is 20-50 euro each passenger one week (3-7 euro each passenger one day) is not included the boat-tour prices.Please ask for it when you make your reservation.

Do you accept visa or master card?

We don’t accept credit card payments.

How much should we tip the crew?

It is customary in the yacht world to tip the crew at the end of a cruise. If you are happy with the service you have received, please hand your tip to the captain and it will be shared equally among the crew.Crew tip is 20-50 euro each passenger one week (3-7 euro each passenger one day) is not included the boat-tour prices.

Will there be any change of cruise programmes?

There can be changes of cruise itineraries depending on the weather conditions. Rarely during summers there can be strong winds and high swells.The Captain may change the route for the safety purposes and drop anchor in another beautiful bay.

What kind of electric power is there, 110V or 220V on board?

In Turkey we use 220V system. On board we have a generator which provides electricity that runs approximately 8 hours during day time.And when the generator is off 24V is used onboard.Thats why there are 2 different switch installed near every lighting.We use the electricity generally for the freezers, oven, dish-washer, etc.. And the generator is stopped before midnight when people start going to bed.We have batteries for charging your mobile phones, laptops and camera batteries for 24hours of use.  

Is there air-conditioning on board?

We have air conditioners installed in every cabin. The air-conditioners can be used only in private chartes not in cabin charters.The air conditioners will be set by our crew members to run 6 hours between 18:00 – 24:00 during your private charter cruise.Please ask a crew member if you have any problems with your cabin A/C. The A/C system runs using electricity from the generator which uses diesel.If you want  A/C use during all night it will be for extra charge as one of the crew members have to stay awake and control the generator.Please ask for extra charges when you make your reservation.

How big are the cabins?

There are different layouts of cabins available – double, twin bunk beds and triple bed cabins.All cabins are of similar design with a wardrobe comfortable beds, 2 portholes (windows), toilet and ensuite shower.We provide blankets, covered pillows, sheets for each person. Remember, soft bags are much easier to store than hard suitcases.

Are there bathrooms in every cabin?

Yes each cabin has an ensuite shower with hot and cold water (shower hose pulls out from washbasin), a toilet, mirror and porthole(window). The boat has large holding tanks for dirty water. There is also a shower on deck for use after swimming.

Is smoking allowed on-board

Smoking is allowed only on outside deck areas and restricted in all closed areas including cabins as it is extremely dangerous .

What kind of shoes should we take with us?

Whilst on board, please do not wear any outdoor footwear except for flipflops.Shoes with heels are restricted as they damage wooden deck. You should take proper shoes if you want to explore some trekking paths.

Is it possible to sleep outside?

Yes it is.Most of our customers prefer to sleep outside watching the stars.You can use the pillows and blankets provided in your cabins for outside use.

What kind of activities are there on-board during day time?

We have playing cards, backgammon and chess boards for you to enjoy. It is fun to play group games in the cruise.There is lots of space on the decks for sunbathing, chatting, eating, drinking, reading, playing backgammon, (front deck, aft deck, upper deck, flying bridge deck), there is even enough space for playing volleyball! We have many sun beds, tables, chairs, and board games available. If it gets too sunny we have sun tents and shaded areas, if it gets to windy watch your belongings as they may fly away.There are several hammocks to relax in on board. You might need a bucket of water though – in order to get your turn! Lie back, relax & enjoy a book or watch the dolphins.

Do you have a kayak on-board?

Yes we have 2 kayaks on-boards.Ask a crew member to use them.We also have windsurf and small boards which will help you swim.

Is there any chance to go for water sports around the area?

Yes we have a wakeboard and water skies on-board.With our 75hp speed boat you can ask for it anytime during your cruise.There is an extra charge for the water sports and also some restricted areas.You should ask the Captain beforehand and he will arrange it for you.There are also other water sport companies with stronger engines doing the job.