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11 Nov

Blue Cruise


Secret coves, calm beaches, small islands… A romantic, calm and independent voyage… You travel in the blue seas during day and sleep under the stars at night during the world’s most special journey… Bülent Taşan, president of Fethiye Yacht Organizations Foundation (FEYİDER), wrote about the characteristics and beauties of this original travel.

Blue cruise is a form of vacation with numerous components in the maritime industry. It is the best form of vacation where people can bring together their spirit of curiosity and wish to be alone in nature. You can really have a great vacation during the Blue Cruise and have the chance to see the wonders in the world, like the seas, history and nature. People can do sports, stay away from the chaos of big cities and enjoy themselves at secret coves and lean about different cities with many appealing experiences. The boat tours were first started by Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı, with his strong sense of discovery, during the 1950s. He was also known as the Fisherman of Halicarnassus. These tours, with the participation of his writer and poet friends, soon turned into a world-famous form of voyage. The city of Muğla, with a shore of 1479 km and lace-like coves and islands, has become the center of the Blue Cruise with its districts along the coast of the Mediterranean. The trend which became popular in the 1950s and 1960s, was spread to Kaş and Antalya and Fethiye in the 1980s with Turgut Özal’s making the coves in Göcek popular.

It became a world-famous brand
With their turquoise sea, lush pine and sweetgum forests, the Göcek coves have great proximity with the Dalaman Airport; hence these coves in Göcek have instantly become the center of the Blue Cruise. The boats coming from Fethiye and Göcek enjoy the opportunity of voyaging out to calm and beautiful coves from the still and lake-like cove. This has been a great a source of attraction for people. The fishing boats first used to take holiday makers to coves for swimming and in time these small boats have turned into super luxurious mega yachts reminding one of 5 star hotels with all sorts of services. During the first years of the trend, the boats were standard with basic services only, but in time they have turned into giant swimming hotels with all kinds of services. Therefore, the Blue Cruise has many stakeholders creating added value. The four essential components of the Blue Cruise could be summarized as follow: Yacht and boat organizations and agencies; natural and virgin coves with no buildings on them; marinas, ports, yacht marinas, piers, shelters and maintenance areas for yachts and boats.


Naturally, swimming will be your number one activity. Other than swimming, you can enjoy any other activities during the Blue Cruise.
Walking: When anchored in the cove, you can disembark and go on walking on land in and around historical places. The Lycian Way is one of the most important destinations.
Canoe: You can get on canoes and take some short voyages around the boat. You may have many experiences that will satisfy your curiosity and sense of adventure.
Water-skiing: Some boats have skiing equipment and speedboats which will offer you many opportunities for water-skiing during the cruise.
Surfing: Again, many boats have equipment for surfing which will make your cruise even more enjoyable.
Diving: You can enjoy free-diving with the masks, pallets and snorkels that you may find on some boats. You can also experience scubadiving by getting into contact with diving centers.
Paragliding, hang-glider: You can have numerous opportunities to perform air sports at the breakpoints.

Important places you can visit during the Blue Cruise:
Göcek coves Bedri Rahmi and Tersane Island, Orhaniye Kız Kumu, Gökova Gulf Sedir Island Cleopatra Beach, Çökertme Cove, Datça Knidos, Bozukkale, Serçe, Marmaris Turunç, Çiftlik, Dalyan river cruise, Ölüdeniz the Valley of Butterflies and Kabak Valley, Kalkan, Kaş, Kekova Kale Üçağız, Demre, St. Nikolas Church, Finike, Adrasan, Çıralı Olimpos Fire, Phaselis… You can cruise along these routes during a one-week Blue Cruise:

Blue Cruise from Bodrum: Güllük or Gökova or Datça, Hisarönü gulfs and the coves and ports here and the Greek islands.
Blue Cruise from Marmaris: Datça, Hisarönü or Göcek, Fethiye gulfs and the coves and ports here and the Greek islands.
Blue Cruise from Fethiye: Hisarönü, Marmaris, Göcek or Kaş, Kekova, Finike gulfs and the coves and ports here and the Greek islands.

Things to keep in mind when renting a boat!
You should first choose an eminent agency certified by TÜRSAB and which has been operating in the industry for long years. Requests should be made beforehand.
The best months for the Blue Cruise.
The period between the beginning of April and end of November is always best for the Blue Cruise. Those planning to make walks on the Lycian Way should prefer the months of April, May, October and November. Those interested in swimming, diving and canoe should prefer June, July, August and September.

A day on the boat…
Other than activities related to the sea, you can play all sorts of games like backgammon and card games, participate in dances and entertainments and group games. You can have new friends, have nice long chats and read as many books as you like… During the Blue Cruise, you can have your dinner at a different cove every night and if your like you can sleep on the deck watching the stars above. Hence, boats organizing a Blue Cruise are like hotels not with five stars but with “five million stars”! And in the morning, you wake up to another turquoise sea of another cove and start the day with swimming before breakfast…

Rules to follow on the boats
When it comes to the rules you should follow on the boat, electricity and water consumption comes first. It should not be forgotten that electricity and water supplies are not limitless and you should be careful when consuming these. You should not jump into the sea before the boats completely edge in with the shore and anchor. When swimming in the sea, you should be careful of those around. You should not be wet when walking around the halls and the cabins. Because the varnished floor becomes exceedingly slippery when wet and this can cause series accidents with injuries. You should inform the seamen of broken objects in the cabins. And lastly, when enjoying yourself, you should not disturb other travelers on the boat and people on other boats around.

Things to take with you while on the boat
T-shirts, shorts, towels, slippers, sun cream, hats, pareo, insecticide, special drugs and allergy drugs and night dress.
What kind of boats are used in the Blue Cruise?
The Blue Cruise can be made with a great variety of boats of different styles and sizes like cruisers, schooners, motorized yachts and small sailboats (bareboats).
The process and procedure of renting yachts
The boats are usually rented for a period of one week. The tours usually start at 15.00 on Saturdays and end at 09:00 on Saturdays after 7 days. The rent prices change depending on different options like including the provisions of the crew, lunch and dinner, beverages and also depending on the route of the cruise. 30 to 50 percent of the designated price is paid in advance and the remaining sum is paid when the tour starts. The contract should clearly state the related parties, their addresses, the names of the boats and the characteristics of the boats, the time and hour of the beginning of the tour, the name of the port, the number of participating people, the total sum and the down payment received. Some other special conditions like the transfer and land tour, fees for the port and marina should also be clearly stated.



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