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23 Mar

Turkish cuisine on Board Pinar111

Turkish food is one of three of the best types of cuisine in the world: French, Chinese and Turkish.   Turkish food is always a pleasant surprise for the visitor.  It has a very pure quality and the great variety and simplicity of the recipes and the quality of the ingredients guarantee delicious meals.

One of the popular meats in Turkey is lamb. Pieces of lamb are threaded on a skewer and grilled over charcoal to create the famous Sis Kebab.  Or try a Doner Kebab, another famous Turkish dish, consisting of a roll of lamb on a large skewer which turns over a hot grill.  The meat is served with salad or yoghurt and bread.  Chicken is another popular meat dish, and can be served in a variety of ways, from kebabs to roast chicken or chicken guvec (casserole).

When travelling along the Mediterranean coastline, you must try some of the local caught fresh fish its superb!  The most popular fish of the region include Sea Bass and Sea Bream, and are served fried or grilled.  And why not start with some delicious seafood such as crab, king prawns, shrimps, anchovies or treat yourself to a lobster!

Turkey is famous for its quality, fantastic vegetables, look out for fresh, superb tasting cucumber, large tomatoes, peppers, courgettes, potatoes, beetroot…  The aubergine is used in a wide variety of dishes from “karniyarik” and “hunkar begendi” to “patlican salatasi” (fried aubergine, served cold) and “patlican dolmasi” (rice stuffed aubergine). Dolma the name for any vegetable such as vine leaves, cabbage leaves or green peppers that are stuffed with spiced rice.

Rice features on all menus, and can be served in a variety of ways, such as pilav.  Borek are pies of flaky pastry stuffed with meat or cheese and are delicious served hot or cold.  You may notice restaurants where women are making pancakes.  These are gozleme, freshly made pancakes filled with spinach or potato and cheese, or you will probably find honey and chocolate spread in the tourist areas!  Turkish bread is famous!  Served deliciously warm just about everywhere, it is soft, very cheap, and irresistible!

The delicious Turkish natural yoghurt is superb and comes in many different strengths thick and creamy or runny and not fattening!   You will find it served with a lot of savoury dishes

Turkish desserts are famous throughout the world.  Many of the pastries are sweetened in honey and are irresistible!  Try “baklava” and “kadayif” pastries.  If you prefer not so sweet, try one of the milk-based puddings such as “sutlac” (rice pudding) or “tavukgögsü” (chicken breast pudding).

But you dont even have to eat all day in Turkey!  You can pass the time away sipping any of the number of time-passing custom drinks!  Turkish coffee is thick and strong, ayran is a yoghurt-based drink very cool and refreshing, boza is a drink for winter nights – drunk cold and made from wheat.  And of course, you could not visit Turkey without sipping the national (non-alcoholic) drink tea (known locally as chai).  Tea drinking is a national custom, and you wont be able to go anywhere in turkey without being offered some.  Be warned, refusal often offends!

But if you want something a little stronger, Turkish beer (Efes) is very easy to drink on a hot summers afternoon, very cheap and very Moorish!  Raki is the national drink of Turkey. Drink it before dinner with some meze (appetisers such as cucumber, nuts,white cheese, melon), or drink it to accompany your dinner while the night slips by as you listen to some classical Turkish music.  There are hundreds of different types of red, white and rose Turkish wine.  Perfect for accompanying some excellent fish or meat.

Food On Board: Traditional Turkish cuisine is delicious but we offer all kinds of food. Just tell us what you’d like and our expert Cook will prepare it for you!

Breakfast :Turkish breakfast includes fresh bread and toast with white and cheddar cheese, tomato, cucumber, black olives, many kinds of jam, honey, peanut-butter, cereal, oranges, eggs (omelette, scrambled, hard or soft boiled), tea, coffee with milk, fruit juice and water.

Lunch : Turkish Vegetable dishes served with Pasta, rice or Turkish pastry. Salad to accompany and fruit to follow.

Five o’clock tea: Tea, coffee with milk, served with biscuits, cakes or Turkish pastry

Dinner: Main course of meat or fish cooked in the oven or on the BBQ, served with rice or couscous and vegetables. Cold meze to accompany (Russian salad, potato salad, Turkish yoghurt etc .) Salad and fruit or dessert to follow.

Drinks: A variety of popular soft drinks, beer, wine and Turkish spirits are available on board. You must try the traditional Turkish drink Raki, also know as “lions milk” because it turns white when mixed with water.


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