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7 Mar

Sunrise in Cleopatra’s Bay (Kleopatra Hamam Koyu)

It’s a privilege to wake up in this beautiful bay. Because of its geographical location the sea is very calm without any waves.It is best time to go for a swim watching the sunrise. The seawater would still be warm in summer time. This is one of the best bays around Gocek and Fethiye. The only way to get to this lovely bay is seaway. It is about one cruising hour away from Gocek and two cruising hours away from Fethiye.

The name of the bay comes from the famous Egyptian goddes Cleopatra the VII. The ones before her were not very famous obviously that she is called Cleopatra. According to the legend during her many travels to Rome, Cleopatra stayed here in this particular bay for some time. Cleopatra is still well known of her beauty and the milk bath she took. There are some ruins said to be the bath Cleopatra used. Mostly the ruins are half sunk that you can actually swim into it. Perhaps you can take a bath and find the beauties of Cleopatra yourself!

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